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The Seattle Facelift Center
William A. Portuese, M.D.
1101 Madison Street, #1280
Seattle, Washington 98104
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Preop Consultation for a Neck Lift

Dr. William Portuese is a board certified facial plastic surgeon that has performed many neck lifts in his 21 year career. The consultation is important face-to-face dialogue time with the surgeon to discuss patient concerns and the appropriate procedure to address these concerns. An extensive physical examination of the face and neck will be performed and realistic expectations and goals will be discussed and any questions answered. It is important for a patient to understand what a neck lift procedure can do and what it cannot do. The consultation fee is $75 and will last approximately 1 hour that includes time with both Dr. Portuese and additional time with the office administrator and patient care coordinator. A preoperative appointment with one of our nurses will also occur several weeks prior to the surgery date to make sure that patients are medically ready for their neck lift procedure and that all pre- and postoperative questions have been addressed.

Factors to take into consideration during the consultation will include:

  • Patientís medical history.
  • Pertinent physical examination of the face and neck, and patient concerns about their facial features including the neck.
  • Patientís realistic expectations.
  • Surgical technique of the neck lift explained in detail.
  • Review of postoperative care including drain placement and removal.
  • General anesthesia.
  • The Seattle Facelift Center.
  • All pre and postoperative care instructions.
  • Complications, risks, alternatives and relative expectations that normally occur with this type of neck lift procedure.
  • Past medical history, previous records, the operative notes from prior procedures on the neck pertinent to the surgeon should be brought to the consultation.
  • Any allergies to medications, current medications and herbal supplements taken that need to be avoided.